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 13 December, 2017

Delegates from International Solar Alliance Member Countries visited REIL  



The Delegate from International Solar Alliance (ISA) of 20 Member countries mainly from the surrounding of Tropical line of cancer visited REIL premises. REIL welcomed the Delegates from International Solar Alliance Member countries and apprised them about the Company including Manufacturing facility, REIL Quality Assurance policy, Research & Development activities and various other operations of the Company in the areas of Electronics and Renewable Energy Sector.


The Delegate witnessed the live demonstration of products designed & manufactured by the Company, for the Renewable energy sector, such as SPV Modules & systems and for Dairy products such as Electronics Milk Tester, Automatic Milk Collection Station and Ultra Sonic Milk Analyzer. They took keen interest in the technologies variety of products and their applications for upliftment of rural areas. 


The Delegate acknowledged the work done by the REIL, especially in the area of SPV based Renewable Energy and observed that these products are useful in providing impetus to the Social and Economic Development of their countries. The Delegate appreciated the significance of solar energy based applications and thanked Shri A.K. Jain Managing Director, REIL for this visit which will help them to implement similar projects in the rural areas of their respective countries.


On this occasion Managing Director REIL Shri A.K. Jain shared the work done and its commitment to climate change and prevailing environmental issues Globally. Shri Jain thanked Delegates for the visit and assured them that REIL will provide necessary resources and technical expertise in implementing similar projects in rural areas of their respective countries. The Company shall continue in its efforts for sustained growth and make the World better place for everyone.