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05 November, 2016


REIL organizes “Vigilance Awareness Week”


Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd., Jaipur observed Vigilance Awareness Week 2016 during October 31 to November 5, 2016 with theme as “Pubic participation in promoting integrity and eradication corruption” with full zeal, participation, and support from all the employees and other stakeholders.


The programme commenced with the pledge and administered by Shri A.K Jain, Managing Director to all employees.  On this occasion the message from the highest dignitaries of the country, namely, the honorable President, Vice-President, Prime Minister; and the Chief Vigilance Commissioner were read out to the audience.


The employees of the Company have been encouraged to undertake the E-pledge on the CVC web site.  An initiative has been taken to spread awareness on theme by organizing debate in a near-by school; essay & slogan competition (in Hindi and English). A pledge-taking interactive session with vendors, sub-contractors and service providers was also organized.


An awareness campaign for dissemination of information on Pledge to vendors, sub-contractors, service providers and customers through emails, has been carried out.  Banners have been displayed across the organization, for creating awareness on the event. The Company also displayed award winning slogan entries of the competition held in last year. 


On the day of closing ceremony of VAW 2016, a “Nukkad Natak” was performed by the young energetic employees of the Company, to convey that value system and ethics cultivated at home are significant in molding personalities against corruption. Also, the corruption tends to impact the people themselves through some way or the other as the effects are cascading and go around in loops as well.


Shri M.S. Khan, Superintendent of Police, CBI, Jaipur witnessed the above Nukkad Natak. He addressed the executives of the Company and shared his anecdotal experiences on corruption and ways and means to tackle it. He also shared its very severe adverse impact on individual and society as whole. He also pointed out the significance of technology applications in curbing corruption. He wished well to the organizations and all the employees and appreciated the performers of Nukkad Natak.


On this occasion MD also expressed his views on combating corruption and motivated all the employees to bring further transparency in their work by implementing technological tools and work fearlessly.